Support me to support you and support everyone.

I am feeling passionate about being able to research, experiment and teach this information. I want to share recipes, ideas and information freely, for FREE, so everyone can enjoy it. I want to help low income families use this information to transform their diets and health. We all deserve it.
I’ve bought so many books recently and I’ve been reading about 1 or 2 a week fueled by my passion to help people through fermented foods. If you want to support my cause to support you to help everyone.
For a better more gut floral balanced world. Your support helps me continue to work hard for you with research and developing recipes that work, are nourishing and easy to make.
here is my paypal that accepts donations 😉

2 thoughts on “Support me to support you and support everyone.

  1. +my husband has diabetic and high blood sugar iam intresting in buying milk kefir and kombucha can you send it i live in toronto i dont mind paying extra for shipping i looking in toronto but i cant find it .i want my family to eat more healthy emailme for more info

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