Resources and Cultures for Sale

Keirsten, My wonderful neighbour, friend and co-workshop host has a new website with all of these cultures that she is shipping!
Here is her website:

Reusable Cultures $12 each.
Make these amazing foods at home easily and inexpensively. Our cultures are all reusable and will outlive you if you care for them. We take excellent care of them always using the best ingredients possible. Once you own a culture you will be able to share it with others and spread their health giving properties.

Milk Kefir grains, jar and instructions $12
-These kefir grains will live and grow as long as you take care of them. These are pure live grains, not dehydrated. Kefir is not actually a grain but a SCOBY, a live culture that resembles grain or cauliflower. You feed the grains milk and it ferments the milk making it easier to digest with added enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Kefir is a probiotic powerhouse containing between 30-60 different beneficial strains of bacteria. Kefir has been known to help with inflammation(inflammatory bowel diseases as well), asthma, allergies, regulating sleep, digestive problems, autism, ADHD, chronic pain and much more.

Kombucha mother with jar, instructions and starter $12
– Kombucha is a also a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). It eats sugar and tea turning it into vitamins, minerals, probiotics and acetic and gluconic acid. It is a powerful detoxifier and it is very cheap to make, just the cost of tea and sugar. With your mother/SCOBY you can go on making kombucha forever and it even reproduces. You will be able
to share mothers with your friends and family. Kombucha can be second fermented with any juice or syrup after the initial brewing to make a fizzy soda like pop. It has been very successful in getting people off of drinking pop and other harmful sweet drinks.

Matsoni (Caspian Sea Yogurt) with instructions $12
-This a Mesophilic yogurt which means the bacteria grow at room temperature. It is the easiest yogurt to make as there is no incubating or heating with a thermometer necessary. You simply add milk and let it culture. Then you save some for your next batch and make more. As long as you save a TBSP of each batch, you can continue to make this yogurt forever. Heirloom.

Viili Yogurt
This yogurt is also done easily on the counter. It has a mild, creamy taste and is thick. It thrives on cream. Heirloom.

Fil Mjolk Another easy yogurt done on the counter! A mild cheesy taste makes it perfect for dips, soups, sauces or plain eating. Moderately thick. Heirloom.

Water Kefir Grains with jar and instructions $12
-Water kefir grains are a SCOBY and different than milk kefir grains. They eat sugar and minerals from water or fruit juices. It is not sour like kombucha and ferments much quicker. It can also be used to make probiotic fizzy sodas flavoured by you! We have had many different water kefir grains and these are the first that grow rapidly and happily. They have never been dehydrated.

Authentic Mediterranean Italian Sourdough Starter
Traditionally used with Spelt and rye flours to make deeply flavoured, fluffy bread. Use this starter to increase the digestibility and nutrients of your bread. $12

Probiotic Snacks and Sweets

Cultured Fudge $5 (1/4 lb) small $10 (1/2 lb) large $18 (1 lb) party size
-Made with the healing goodness of
Coconut oil. In chocolate peppermint, chocolate sea salt, chocolate almond or spicy chocolate.

Chocolate Cherry Cookies made with Only Oats ( Guaranteed wheat free). $10

How do we decide on prices?
The prices of our cultures reflect our level of commitment to answering questions and guiding people through the processes of cultured foods. We also offer free cultures to low income families, we believe that everybody should be able to experience the benefits of these foods. By charging for our cultures we are able to supply not only cultures, but pre-made fermented foods to people in need. Your support is essential to helping people on their journey to foods that are alive and nourishing. Your support allows us to be at home with our
children and our continuing research and experience that we eager to share

Thank you,
Nadine and Keirsten

4 thoughts on “Resources and Cultures for Sale

  1. Hi Nadine – I want to get ahold of some stuff from you, namely the yogurt starter cultures (at least the mesophilic one) and water kefir. Do you offer instructions along with the starters? Also, since I live in Saskatoon I’m guessing we could arrange for me to get it from you somehow if you’re in town one day, but how do you normally work that? TIA

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