Glorious Milk Kefir

It’s time I wrote about milk kefir. Here you see them, these are a few of my grains, come out of their jar for this occassion. Milk kefir is made by using these rubbery little grain-like cultures. You put them in milk to ferment and they are not actually a grain, but a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast).
It has a sour taste that one can easily get use to and come to love. I now drink it plain with joy. It’s easy to start incorporating milk kefir into your diet with a spoon of it here and there into a soup, meal or snack. You can add it to
Anything as long as it is not too hot. I do use it in baking which murders the probiotics but makes the baking easier to digest.
Milk kefir can have up to 60 different types of beneficial bacteria (probiotics). That’s amazing when you consider that expensive supplements are around 10, yogurt is 5 or less, most often 2 or 1. There’s a lot of bang for your buck with milk kefir especially if your making it at home.
Donna Schwenk of Cultured Food Life is absolutely in love with milk kefir and enjoying and spreading its magic. She has many resources for milk kefir including recipes.
I love a glass of kefir as a boost to energy and mood. My children love it in smoothies and it appears to help with promoting deep sleep.
If you are not convinced yet of kefir’s power with my humble ramblings, check out these links:
Cultures for Health
Dr. Mercola on milk kefir

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