Mesophilic Yogurt, the easiest ever.

When I first heard about Mesophilic (room temp bacteria) yogurt I was stumped as to why people would go through heating and incubating when you could do it right on your counter with milk right from the fridge. Maybe like me, they don’t know…
We now have five different Mesophilic yogurts. They are each so different in taste, consistency and texture.
My favourite is Viili (vee-lee-ya). It’s thick and mild with a big creamy taste. I
Love taking a spoon of it at night and mixing it with a cup of milk and stashing it away in a cupboard. I wake up and it feels like Christmas as I open tele cupboard to discover the magic
Of bacteria at work. Increased digestion and immune system boost from Liquid cream turned to thick yogurt I can eat off a spoon. This yogurt makes a good replacement for sour cream.
We also have a tart yogurt tasting one called Matsoni (MadZoon) or Caspian Sea Yogurt. It’s tasty and has a gluey consistency. Not everyone likes it, but many fall in love immediately.
Filmjolk has a mild cheesy taste. Perfect for baking or dips, sauces and in soup. When I over ferment it, I am reminded of Parmesan cheese. I put it on pasta.
We also have Piima and Buttermilk yet I have not tried them yet. I will update later about it.

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