The Fermented Food Phenomenom

I hosted yet another fabulous workshop yesterday on Fermented/Cultured Foods. It was the people who attended that made it fabulous and certainly not my nervous attempt to explain why would should eat bacteria infested foods. I’m always touched by how open and ready people are to start making and eating these live foods. Their stories leave me searching and researching for more information on how we can heal our bodies and protect ourselves from disease and toxins.
Keirsten and I have two already booked upcoming workshops in Saskatoon and Swift Current. There’s talk about two more in Regina and Lloydminister.
It’s spreading like wild fire.
People want real food; foods that are alive and nourishing. So many of us have become plagued with things that leave us fatigued, allergic to common foods, in pain, unable to cope with life, infertile. It’s so unnatural. We are looking for answers. Let us return to the foods we evolved on. The ones that made our brains go bigger and our bodies strong and resistant. Let us take back the traditional practices almost lost. Let us remember.
So, with this passion I’ll be spending the next few weeks updating this blog. I’ll include information, stories and instructions about all our various ferments. I want you to get as excited as we are. These ferments are like our children each with their own unique characteristics and healing benefits. Will you please join us?



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