Nourishing Pineapple (or other fruit) Delight

When I was little, my Mother made pineapple delight which was a Graham cracker crust with a layer of crushed canned pineapple and whipped cream on top. I loved it and it’s going to be easy to convert to nourishing foods. For Christmas dinner, I’ll be making it as Pineapple Cranberry Delight. You could really do this with any fruit. Orange, blueberry, strawberry rhubarb or raspberry would all be delicious.

1 1/2 cups of GF flour (arrowroot, rice, sorghum, coconut, etc) and/or ground nuts, hemp, shredded coconut . This has a lot of play, it will turn out regardless. I use a combination of floors and ground nuts.
1/2 cup cold butter, cut into cubes
1/4 – 1/2 cup raw sugar, date sugar, coconut sugar, Sucanat or rapadura.

Mix all the ingredients.
Cut butter into dry ingredients with a pastry blender or two knives until it resembles crumbs.
Put in greased 8×8 pan.
Bake at 350 F for about 15 minutes, until the butter is melted and the whole mixture a bit browned.
Remove and let cool.

One or two cans of drained pineapple or other fruit. You could also use cultured fruit as we are not heating this and it won’t destroy the probiotics.
Spread on crumb layer.

4 cups Whipped Cream and/or Kefir, yogurt Whipped coconut milk. I whip whipped cream first then mix in sweetener, kefir and coconut milk.
1/4 cup or less Of sweetener. Maple syrup, maple flakes, honey?
When crumb and fruit layer is totally cooled, spread this creamy mixture on top.

Easy! Eat!

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