Surviving Christmas Supper- Part One-

A healthy, delicious Christmas meal is possible! It just takes a little planning. This will not only make a feel good Christmas meal but it will cut down on what you need to do Christmas Day!

Menu (so far):

Sprouted bread stuffing
Delicious gravy
Cultured cranberry sauce
Probiotic Mashed potatoes from fermented potatoes
Nourishing gelatin (still need recipe!)
Baked squash
Green beans and butter
Sauerkraut (make Christmas kraut by adding orange juice, dried cranberries, cinnamon, ginger, apple, kombucha)
Bone broth cups to aid digestion

To Do Sunday:


1. I’ll be putting the potatoes On to Ferment, to remove a lot of the starches.
Put potatoes cut up into a glass jar in salt brine of one cup water to 1 tbsp salt. You do not have to peel the potatoes, I only did because these were very sandy and the last time I
Cooked them it was crunchy not in a good way. Let your potatoes ferment on the counter until Christmas day (2-3 days). When you remove potatoes, rinse and cook like you would for mashed potatoes. After they are whipped add butter, kefir or yogurt or creme Fraiche. You could also add fermented garlic or the juice of ferments.

2. Keirsten made this cranberry sauce and I am so excited! You can use regular canned or homemade cranberry suave for this. Sunday, add one tbsp of whey or other inoculating juices (water kefir maybe, but use way less and only ferment a day). Add to jar and let sit on counter. Voila!

3. Start your drinks! Water kefir, if you have it. Otherwise you can make coconut kefir egg nog. Try cinnamon and apple or cranberry water kefir!


1. Prep salads, veggies and anything else. How about a cultured bean salad made with the juice of ferments?

2. Make croutons for this stuffing from the nourishing home.

Desserts? How ’bout some lemon curd? I use this recipe from The Nourishing Gourmet except I don’t strain it. It sets up best being in the fridge a few days. You can use it plain or put it in a raw pie shell with meringue or whipped coconut milk. It’s excellent as lemon bars.

More nourishing dessert ideas!

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