Testimonies from Cultured Food Converts



We have been culturing foods for a few years now and we have our own personal success stories. We’ve been more active in getting others involved now and it is truly rewarding to hear how much fermented foods are helping people. Here are their stories:
(Most of these were taken from real conversations on Facebook)

Schelli Nimz:
“Alrighty..we have about 2 gallons of water kefir now lol..kombucha on a second ferment, and tonight I shredded some cabbage and carrots and decided to try making sauerkraut. I am craving fermented foods a LOT..can’t explain it. Had the hubby drink some water kefir. He said a few minutes after drinking it that it “hits” him fairly quickly. I noticed a definite energy boost and my skin darn near tingles. He reported the same. I thought it was psychological, but there does seem to be something to it. I stayed up until 3 a.m. last night working on projects..normally that would land me on the couch the next day. I am tired today but functional..that is almost unheard of. I need a second kitchen to store all this stuff in…Cheaper than a new prescription!”

Chesla Thompson of Regina, Saskatchewan:
“I could cry too, if I wasn’t so damn happy. I too keep thinking it will go away. Normally, I spend my days falling asleep at work and being an awful exhausted person around my kids and husband by the time I get home. Now, I can’t stop smiling and I have no desire to go to bed…ever. Depression? Gone. Anxiety? Gone. Exhaustion? Gone. IBS? Definitely better. Words can not even describe how amazing I feel and the extreme gratitude I have towards Keirsten and Nadine. I can live again!”

Jessica Campbell of Regina, Saskatchewan:
“I’ve had asthma most of my life, my attacks were coming daily until I started drinking kombucha and eating sauerkraut every day. I haven’t used an inhaler in over a month. Not even when I exercise. This is monumental for me :).”

Krista Jane of Regina, Saskatchewan:
“I had been recovering from a chronic candida infection of my gut for almost a year when I heard about cultured foods. I had already eliminated my chronic pain syndrome on my own through a strict diet, allowing for no flours or sugars of any kind. Once I discovered cultured foods, beginning with milk kefir in my morning smoothies, suddenly I didn’t have to be so strict. It may not sound like a lot, but when your life is essentially limited by negative reactions in your body to foods more variety truly expands horizons (especially for a foodie!). I can now eat a tasty treat or a savory meal with whatever I want, even wheat flour, and have no negative health outcomes. Life is good, thanks to cultured foods. (And they are so tasty!)”


2 thoughts on “Testimonies from Cultured Food Converts

  1. It’s always nice to hear it from the source. I too, am having wonderful healing with fermented foods. I’ve ditched a program of taking supplements for my specific genetic makeup….and am doing SO much better. Happier, less gut issues, less stressed, better sleep. Can’t complain about that!

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