Kefir Rum Balls


These rum balls taste just as good to my traditional tastes as the real thing. And they are good for you, with kefir and healthy fats. They are also flexible to what you can add or take out, so feel free to play around. Dried fruit is good in them or hemp, chia, flax, whatever.


2 cup ground almonds
1 cup fine coconut
Gf flour- 1/4 cup (sorghum, rice, arrowroot, coconut) optional for bulking up of desired.
1/2 cup kefir, yogurt or whey
10 drops stevia (optional for those who like it sweeter)
1/4 cup honey or so
2 tsp vanilla.
3-5 TBSP rum extract or real rum
1/4 cup high quality cocoa
3/4 cup oil (coconut, butter, or ghee)
Extra cocoa for rolling balls in.

Combine all ingredients, you may need to soften your oil.
Refrigerate dough.
Roll into balls .Coat in cocoa, red cocoa is the best.
Keep refrigerated.

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