Cultured Foods Fanatic, Let’s Get Excited!

There’s so much that I want to tell you. I want to tell you about the microbes that live in and on us and how we can use them to support our health. These beneficial microbes (probiotics) govern the food (and microbes on food) that come in. A layer of bacteria along your intestines acts as a wall protecting and nourishing. They make vitamins, enzymes by breaking down foods that you can not digest (prebiotics). Some also lower the ph and create hydrogen peroxide and chlorine bleach which eliminates bad microbes that will make you sick. These microbes love living in you and they want to protect you! They have so many different functions and they even speak to one another and to your immune system.
By eating cultured foods we can assure that we are colonizing our bodies with beneficial bacteria everyday.
I hope I’ve accurately explained the importance of probiotics; probiotic foods. Now we can move on to the good stuff: how to make these foods, probiotic recipes and more in depth information on microbial life. I’m excited, are you?


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